Things I wish I knew when I was starting out

It can be tough to keep up with the rapidly-evolving web development scene. Technology changes so frequently it’s hard to know what’s relevant. If you ask other developers for advice, you’re going to get a wide range of responses, depending on which tech company or framework they’re currently emotionally invested in.

However, during my 10 years’ plus experience in web development, I’ve found a handful of technology-agnostic principles that continue to remain constant — and getting your head around these will keep you on top of your game, no matter how fast things move.

So with this in mind, here…

How to get Lighthouse into your release process

In the world of Web Development, since as far back as I can remember, two topics that continuously reoccur are performance and best-practices. Tools like Lighthouse make it really easy to understand these areas by surfacing key metrics and suggesting guidelines on how to improve.

But running the occasional audit on your site will only get you so far. Of course it’s good if you can get your scores above 90, but how are you maintaining those scores? Are you running a report after every deployment to make sure you’re still in the green? …

Daniel Yefet

Web developer who’s worked in the industry long enough to remember Dreamweaver and Flash. Big fan of all things JavaScript. Enjoys music and dad jokes.

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