Please, for the love of God, stop doing these things

A video call meeting screenshot

If you’re expecting me to encourage you to exercise more, clean your room or start your own business, I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place. To be frank, you’ve stumbled upon a moderately irritable man sarcastically complaining about the woes of remote working.

I’m sure there are plenty of self-help…

How to reduce noise and communicate effectively in JavaScript

The ease with which we can maintain code matters tremendously. Code maintainability impacts everything, from job satisfaction to delivery speed (arguably one and the same).

But what makes a codebase easily maintainable? The right technology choice? Fewer lines of code? Low cyclomatic complexity? Yes, yes and yes! …

What it takes to be a high performing dev team that doesn’t compromise

It’s tough to strike a balance between quality and turnaround time. There’s certainly no silver bullet, but if you adhere to certain principles, you’ll find little reason to compromise on either.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve worked on an array of high-profile products and had the privilege to lead…

Things I wish I knew when I was starting out

It’s hard to keep up with the rapidly-evolving web development scene. Technology changes so frequently it’s hard to know what’s relevant. If you ask other developers for advice, you’re going to get a wide range of responses, depending on which tech company or framework they’re currently emotionally invested in.


How to get Lighthouse into your release process

In the world of Web Development, since as far back as I can remember, two topics that continuously reoccur are performance and best practices. Tools like Lighthouse make it really easy to understand these areas by surfacing key metrics and suggesting guidelines on how to improve.

But running the occasional…

Daniel Yefet

Web developer who’s worked in the industry long enough to remember Dreamweaver and Flash. Big fan of all things JavaScript. Enjoys music and dad jokes.

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