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Daniel Yefet
2 min readJun 13, 2022
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Are you super creative? Do you have awesome ideas you can’t wait to implement but struggle to get them on the engineering team’s roadmap?

Look no further than Streamlinely!

With Streamlinely, you can achieve growth, hypergrowth, megagrowth, scalability and above-the-fold content at scale without writing a single line of code.

How does it work?

Simply write this single line of code into the <head> section of your website and empower yourself to bypass years of engineering experience and process!

<script src="<myID>/container.js"></script>

What can I do with Streamlinely?

What can’t you do?! Streamlinely uses cutting-edge technology called a ScriptTagthat allows anybody with half a brain cell to inject a hot mess of JavaScript into your site.


Fancy advertising a new product? Are you not bothered about blocking customers from interacting on page load? No problem! Simply Google “JavaScript modal”, start copying and pasting shit from the internet into the Custom Code section and publish when you’re ready! You could ask the UX team for advice, but they’ll take ages — besides, there’s an abundance of fantastic code available for free on StackOverflow.

Customer Insights

Do you want to understand your customers? Do you believe a 3rd-party tool can understand your customers better than you? Great! Then check out the Insights dashboard, where you’ll see a bunch of colourful graphs. You’ll find the same stuff in GoogleAnalytics for free, but this has way more colours. And it works above the fold and at scale. And it will make you smarter and more successful.

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For a mere £100,000 a year, you’ll never have to fight for roadmap priority again! Sure, your products will look like Cubist Picasso paintings. Yes, performance will go down the drain. And yes, your engineering team can build you a much better solution far quicker than it’s taken you to read this. But you’ll be able to do the work yourself! And that’s what matters — being able to do the work yourself.

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